Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Ordinance saves convicted MPs - Cabinet overturns Supreme Court ruling


Referring to the Union Cabinet clearing an ordinance to protect convicted MPs and MLAs from immediate disqualification, the Asian Age writes, "Ordinance saves convicted MPs - Cabinet overturns Supreme Court ruling." The Times of India says, "Ordinance in place just in time for Lalu."

With more dengue deaths being reported in Delhi. The Mail Today says, "Dengue scare spells profit for private blood banks", with touts prowling the hospitals demanding as much as Rs.6000 for one unit of blood.

"Centre reveals religion of riot victims in Integration meet" exclaims the Pioneer and writes that in doing so the Ministry of Home Affairs has violated its own code.
 "NSA planted bugs at Indian missions in D.C., U.N",  reads that headline of the Hindu's lead story today. The NSA bugs, implanted at two of the most important nerve centres of Indian diplomacy outside the country could copy entire computer hard disks, reports the paper.

The Delhi High Court allowing the BCCI to hold its special general meeting to consider the Disciplinary Committee's reports on Lalit Modi has been covered by many papers, including Hindustan Times, which writes, "Decks cleared: Delhi High Court verdict paves way for Modi's life ban".

And finally, the Tribune reports of a 5 year and 8 month old Class-I student in Haryana with an IQ of 150, the same as that of Albert Einstein. This wonder kid Kautilya Pandit with an enviable knowledge about 213 countries is referred to as a mini encyclopedia; he writes songs and poetry, and is an amazing dancer too, says the paper.

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