Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Indian stunner's Miss America win sparks Racist Tirade


The Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh reaching out to the UP riot victims and the shooting spree at the Washington Navy Yard are 2 stories covered widely by newspapers today.

"Food prices go through the roof, dash hopes of lower EMI's" says the Hindustan Times. The paper writes that with costly onion and vegetables driving whole sale inflation to a six month high, there seems no respite from EMI's eating into larger chunks of household incomes.

"Indian netas part of ISI's fake note racket: IM", The Pioneer writes that startling revelations made by Indian Mujahideen mastermind Yasin Bhatkal reveal the presence of about 200 major Fake Indian Currency Note dealers along the Indo Nepal Border, including politicians from either side.

Can't sustain all subsidies, says SC, calls for fiscal prudence". The Indian Express writes that the Supreme Court on Monday advocated a "balanced approach" on subsidies so that the "economy not just survives but also thrives".

Racist Taunts marring the triumph  of the first Miss America of Indian origin Nina Davuluri has been reported by many papers. "Crown to criticism : Americans call her Terrorist link her to  9/11" says the Times of India, while the Mail Today writes, "Indian stunner's Miss America win sparks Racist Tirade"

 Elephants raiding farms for Sugarcane, bananas and rice could be in for a hot surprise writes the Indian Express. Quoting a report, the paper says, growing chillies, pepper, capsicum and even oilseeds could help keep the pachyderms away from human turf and curb the growing human animal conflict.

A possible answer to the dilemma , why is it hard to swat flies? The Times of India writes that according to a new study, this is because the ultra nimble fly sees in slow motion and is capable of processing nearly 7 times as much information in a second as a human.

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