Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Storm over missing coal files blows food bill debate away


Most papers this morning have photographs of the Indian Air Forces Super Hercules transport plane landing at Daulat Beg oldie airstrip in Ladakh after several Chinese incursions in the region.

Missing coal files derail food bill writes Mail Today adding that the oppositions uproar in Parliament forced the UPA govt to abandon its attempts to get the Food Security bill passed. "Storm over missing coal files blows food bill debate away" writes the Hindustan Times.

Convicted MP's and MLA's to keep their seats in Parliament till their appeals are decided writes the Hindustan Times in a front page story. The paper adds that the government is making changes to a law that will work around the Supreme Court order. The paper says that although the convicted MP's & MLA's will participate in the proceedings, they will have no role in decision making as they won't have a right to vote.

The Economic Times, Business Standard and other papers have opined that the Rupee reached a fresh low of 64.13 and the weak currency was still on a downhill road. With the rupee reaching new depths against the dollar and pound, starting September the prices of a wide array of premium consumer goods, apparel, oil. cosmetics and electronics are set to go up between 4 to 15 percent.

"95 mm of rain in Delhi 100 percent chaos on the road" writes the Times of India on its front page. According to the paper, the seasons second wettest day dampened Raksha Bandhan celebrations as the city's decrepit drainage system failed leaving commuters to wade through knee deep water, and traffic jams across the city.

The Murder of an anti-superstition Activist Narendra Dabholkar while he was out on a morning walk has been widely reported in all newspapers this morning.

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