Friday, August 30, 2013

India gets its Osama (Yasin Bhatkal)


Most papers this morning report the arrest of Indian Mujahideen founder Yasin Bhatkal in Nepal with front page photographs of the arrested kingpin. "India gets its Osama" writes Mail Today.

The Hindustan Times writes about a big breakthrough in stem cell research. According to paper, Scientists in Austria and Britain have managed to grow mini human brains in the laboratory. The Tribune and Times of India have also covered this story.

Taking serious note of the missing Coal files and documents, the Supreme Court has directed the center to trace these within 26 days or face a CBI probe. Most papers have covered this story.

The outgoing RBI governor D. Subbarao, in his last public lecture slammed the government for the economic problems being faced by the country. Today's papers have reported this story. The Govt. squandered period of easy global liquidity said Subbarao - reports the Financial Express. Govt to blame for rupee fall Subbarao - writes the Times of India.

Life on Earth was kick started thanks to a key mineral deposited by a meteorite from Mars, according to a novel theory aired from the Institute of Science and Technology in Florida, writes the Asian Age. "Not only Men we are all from Mars", writes the Times of India and Hindustan Times adding that analysis of the Martian meteorite showed that life started on Mars and came to earth on a rock.

changes in the flow of heat between the atmosphere and the pacific ocean could help explain the recent pause in global warming that has seen a fall in the rate at which surface temperatures have risen over the past 15 years a new study has suggested. The Tribune and Hindustan Times have reported this story.

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