Thursday, August 29, 2013

BBC News - Profile: 'Indian Mujahideen leader' Yasin Bhatkal

BBC News - Profile: 'Indian Mujahideen leader' Yasin Bhatkal


The rupee tumbling to an all time low of 68.8 is the lead in most papers. While the Hindustan Times calls it 'freefall', the Indian Express writes that 'Rupee inching to 70 now'. A cartoon on the front page of the Statesman shows P. Chidambaram saying 'Our aim is to bring onion prices to one dollar per kg!'. Gold crosses a new all time high of Rs. 3,500 per 10 gram', informs the Hindustan Times.

'Fuel prices hike likely after session' says the Statesman. 'Battered India heads for oil shock', is how Mail Today puts it.

The Lok Sabha to take up the land bill today figures in all papers. 'Next aam admi sop-land bill coming in parliament today' is the Times of India headline.

The district magistrate who gave Durga Shakti Nagpal a clean chit shunted out is reported widely in the press. 'Fair or foul?' asks the Times of India.

'Asaram running out of options' writes Mail Today, of the controversial godman. 'Centre asks Rajasthan not to give Asaram any preferential treatment' adds the paper. Many dailies have reported of the godman's son calling the victim unstable. The Indian Express reports the guru's brazen attitude, as it writes, quoting him 'Rs. 5 lakh for anyone who can prove I'm guilty'.

'Adopted kids get property rights in new divorce law', is front page news in the Hindustan Times.

Do you prefer a South Indian breakfast, over the conventional egg and bread? Well, good for you. The Times of India writes that according to a survey 'Idli, Sambhar most nutritious breakfast'.

And finally, if you are just over 35 and think that you are middle aged, there's good news. 'Turned 53? Middle age begins now', informs the Times of India, after a lifestyle study of source 2000 people in London.

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