Thursday, December 23, 2010

Tees Maar Khan - The Times of India

Tees Maar Khan - The Times of India: "Tabrez Khan ( Akshay Kumar) heralds himself as Tees Maar Khan (TMK), the greatest con artist who lives to rob and robs to live. Walking in an out of jails, he plans to pull off the most daring heist of his career, after being hired by a robbers' duo, the Johari brothers (Rajiv and Raghu). The crooks want him to rob a train carrying a carriage-full of treasures. Easy, exclaims TMK and unleashes a bizarre robbery plan which involves an entire village, an Oscar-obsessed film star (Akshaye Khanna), a bunch of cronies and a bimbette girl friend ( Katrina Kaif) who happens to be a wannabe film actress too and spends her time acting in silly movies."

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