Sunday, December 26, 2010

'The Illusionist': Better Than 'Toy Story 3'? - TIME

'The Illusionist': Better Than 'Toy Story 3'? - TIME: "Last week, Sylvain Chomet got an early — and Jacques Tati a very late — Christmas present. The New York Film Critics Circle, the nation's oldest organization of movie reviewers, chose The Illusionist as the best animated film of 2010. Every other critics' group had named Toy Story 3 as the winner in that category, and the very notion of ignoring what many people consider the year's finest film, of any kind, seemed piquant at best, perverse at worst. I, for one, thought the New Yorkers who chose The Illusionist were nuts; and I'm not only a critic, I'm also a member."

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