Monday, August 8, 2016

'Love at first visit': When Modi met KCR in Telangana

'Love at first visit': When Modi met KCR in Telangana 


    The front pages of most important newspapers are replete with stories of opening of Rio Olympics. "Samba, flash and lots of feeling" reads a headline in Asian Age while Hindustan Times says ,"Mixed start to India's campaign". Under the headline, "Peace talk and kiss-cams open spectacular Rio fest", the Indian Express says there was a ramp for the parade of beauties, a glorious pageantry of dancing bikini bodies, some racy runway music, and talk of world peace on everyone's lips. A picture on the front page of the Tribune shows shooter Abhinav Bindra carrying the Indian tricolour as he leads the Indian contingent during the opening ceremony of Rio Olympics.

    Comments by Prime Minister Narendra Modi about cow protection have also featured prominently on the cover pages this morning. "Antisocials by night turn gau rakshaks by day: PM ; Saving Cow A Business Now, I'm Angered" says the Times of India while the Tribune writes, "Must rein in cow vigilantes: PM ; Breaks silence, says anti-social elements wearing mask of ‘gau rakshaks’". "Rs 200 per cow - the rate to let a truck through in Punjab" says the Indian Express.

    The Financial Express reports that PM Narendra Modi has said over 8% growth over the next 30 years will bring the best of the world to India.

    "Now, Sanskrit to give ancient technological edge to IIT grads", under this headline, Hindustan Times writes that students at the Indian Institutes of Technology may soon be studying ancient engineering techniques- such as the one used by the monkey army to build the Ram Setu to Lanka in the Ramayana - written about in Sanskrit texts.

    Flying with kids? Carry a goody bag along! The Times of India reports that parents travelling with small children can bring small gifts for their fellow passengers, as a pre-emptive move to fend off criticism from them

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