Wednesday, June 8, 2016

US returns 200 rare artefacts to India

US returns 200 rare artefacts to India


    Many newspapers today have covered Switzerland's support for India's entry into the Nuclear Suppliers Group or NSG prominently. "Switzerland backs India's NSG bid" writes the Asian Age. It adds that the Swiss President and the Indian Prime Minister have vowed to tackle the issue of black money. "Swiss support for NSG secured" says the Indian Express.
    The Economic Times reports that PM Modi is making optimal use of time, with over 45 engagements in five days. In its story headlined "PM's tour covers 5 nations in 140 hours', the paper says that bulk of the flying time of 44 hours to cover the 33000 km has been planned in the night to save time.
    In its lead story, the Hindu reports, that in the state's comprehensive report to the Centre on the Mathura violence, the UP government has squarely laid the blame on the failure of local authorities to assess the situation.
    "Udta Punjab" may see its wings clipped" reads the Tribune headline. It says that the review committee  of the censor board wants the film to be set in a fictional land and the word "Punjab" completely removed from the film's title!
    The Financial Express in its front page story writes that after IITs and IIMs, ecommerce companies that are not meeting their recruitment commitments, will now face the ire of another important management school - ISB. It says that ISB shall ban such defaulting firms from the campus for one year and also ask them to pay between 3 to 6 months' gross salary to the students.
    And finally, the Hindustan Times has a word of caution for vacationers who are seeking to escape the summer heat. It says that as thousands are driving up to the hills to reach Nainital, the famous hill station is bursting at the seams. The rush is also causing five hour traffic jams on the road between Haldwani and Nainital. 

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