Saturday, June 11, 2016

2 killed by gas leakage in Indian aircraft carrier

2 killed by gas leakage in Indian aircraft carrier


    "At NSG, China plays spoils" says the Asian Age headline. Now despite the backing of Mexico and US, China is opposing India's bid to be a part of the 48 nation Nuclear Suppliers Groups. The paper carries a picture of Mexican Prime Minister driving Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi for a Vegetarian meal at a restaurant. 

    "Muslims better national average on rise in student population" is the Times of India headlines. India's student population in 5-19 years age group has increased by 30%, between 2001 and 2011 but the rise is unevenly distributed.

    'Menaka slams Javedkar over culling' headlines the Hindu pointing to the public spat between Union minister for  women and child development Menaka Gandhi and Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar. About 200 nilgais have been shot by hired shooters in Bihar as they were raiding farms.

    "Prabhu's  twitter response saves girl from burns' says a Pioneer report. A three year old girl suffered burn injuries due to hot tea at Vadodra, a tweet to Railway minister Suresh Prabhu led to several doctors attending Nishtha at the next station Surat.

    Pratappur in Jharkhand has at least 37 patients suffering from fluorisis due to underground water contamination and absence of piped water. "Death looms in Jharkhand" is the Hindustan Times Headlines.

    The President Mr. Pranab Mukherjee will adopt five villages of which four are in Gurgaon namely Dhaula, Alipur, Tajpur and Harchandapur, says a report in the Tribune.

    Outages to haunt Delhi, CBFC justifying cuts to the film 'Udta Punjab', railways to install 3500 CCTV's in 1000 station are some of the other stories covered by the new papers today.

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