Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Bollywood jubilant as Indian court gives gritty film the green light

Bollywood jubilant as Indian court gives gritty film the green light


    "Lone wolf kills in US gay club -  IS claims hand" is the Indian express headline. Gunman called up 911 to say he is with IS, says the report.
    BJP Chief Amit Shah quoting that Neta's leaving Congress due to its obstructionism makes for front page story in Times of India. He also ripped into Samajwadi Party in Uttar Pradesh for Goonda Raj.
    The Business Standard reports that the first rocket built by a consortium of private firms in the country is set for launch in 2020. As ISRO's capacity has increased from 2 to 6 PSLV's a year, the local demand for satellite has also gone up.
    "Digital doesn't work in Digital India" is the title of a box item in the  The Statesman. Banks are refusing to accept digitized land documents for processing farm work applications, is a report from Aurangabad.
    "In the recent IIT JEE results, 28 of Bihar's super 30 have qualified". These underprivileged children, include children from a daily wage labourer, marginal farmer, migrant worker, said Super 30's founder director - Anand Kumar. Thats a story in The Tribune.
    Dhule in Maharashtra with more than 50% people below the poverty line still has water in its reservoirs, thanks to effort by DESH BANDHU and MANJU GUPTA who had pledged 10 crore a year since 2010.
    Hundreds of Kashmiri Pandits took part in the annual festival at KHIR BHAWANI, 25 km away from Srinagar. Fasting Muslims serve devotees food and provide them flowers for offering says a Pioneer report.

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