Thursday, March 10, 2016

Vijay Mallya flew out of India on March 2, says A-G; SC issues notice on banks’ plea

Vijay Mallya flew out of India on March 2, says A-G; SC issues notice on banks’ plea

    EPF tax withdrawal is the main lead in all papers this morning. "Government buries EPF tax" headlines the Business Standard. "Relief for middle class as Finance Minister shelves Budget move to tax EPF withdrawals" leads the Times of India.
    1,000-crore syndicate bank fraud is reported widely in most papers. "CBI searches 10 locations; books five officials, four businessmen" reports The Indian Express adding "the accused allegedly deposited fake cheques and discounted cash on them."
    "Green panel may rule on Yamuna show today" states the Hindustan Times, while the Pioneer says "Controversy stalks Sri Sri event" adding, "Flora and Fauna bear the brunt" as pre-fabricated material harmful to floodplain of Yamuna is being used rampantly. "Warning of 'utter chaos', Delhi Police rings alarm bells on safety of stage for PM, VIPs" highlights the Indian Express.
    "1st batch of women fighter pilots in June" reports the Tribune. Mail Today says "Meet our First 3 Women Warriors in the Sky".
    "Supreme Court plans review of poll bar rules" reports the Asian Age.
    "Oh Maria! exclaims the Times of India, on Maria Sharapova failing a drug test. The Indian Express quotes the tennis star as saying she 'Made huge mistake... let fans down'.
    "Dharamshala won't work, says Pak as it holds back T20 team" reports the Indian Express, of the World Twenty 20 match between India and Pakistan.
    "Khadi may become Friday dressing in government offices" notes the Times  of India.
    The Hindu observes "Mystery behind Mercury's darkness solved "as it appears to be due to abundance of carbon below the surface of the planet.
    And finally, "Digital devices can cause sleep trouble" reveals the Hindu, citing a TV poll saying, the very use of social media makes one's brain active, and the blue light emitted by screens tricks the body into thinking it is day time.

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