Saturday, March 19, 2016

Key suspect in Paris attacks captured in Brussels raid; four others arrested

Key suspect in Paris attacks captured in Brussels raid; four others arrested


    "Sufism is epitome of pluralism", is the Pioneer headline quoting the Prime Minister as he inaugurated the 3 day first world Sufi forum in Delhi.
    The Financial Express carries a summary of data put out by CIBIL on its front page of banks and defaulters. In all "5,600 borrowers, 60,000 crore rupee loans" it headlines.
    "Supreme Court stops Punjab from leveling Sutlej Yamuna Links canal land" is the Hindu Headline.
    Hind leg cut, Shaktimaan saddled with tough life says the Economic Times. The Uttarakhand police horse tragically had her leg amputated after a brutal attack.
    Prime Minister Narendera Modi is on Time magazine's most influential list calling him an internet star. He has a following of 18 million people on Twitter and 32 million Facebook likes reports the Asian Age.
    An animal crematorium having been opened in Patna is the first in Eastern India says The Tribune.
    100 artificial nests have been installed in Noida parks to conserve sparrows as run up to World Sparrow Day on 20th March reports The Pioneer.
    The Financial Express reports, "Nike unveiling its first self-lacing shoe".
    In another story The Hindu says, "Ford foundation being taken off match list".
    The same paper also reports Hinda Bharwad from Rajkot committing suicide as a protest for cow to be declared as a national animal and Rashtra Mata.
    And in another story The Hindu reports that 80 per cent doctors are prescribing banned drugs.
    The Times of India says SGPC moving Supreme Court on the impact of Sardar jokes.
    And finally, The Asian Age carries a colorful picture of women with sticks playing Lathmar Holi in Barsana village in Mathura, another paper carries a picture of FAG utsav celebration by traditionally dressed women in Jaipur yesterday.

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