Thursday, September 17, 2015

Stories, not headlines | Business Line

Stories, not headlines | Business Line


    The intensifying of political tussles ahead of the assembly elections in Bihar is prominently noticed on the front pages. "Bihar election heat brings Congress-BJP cauldron to boil : Stamps on Indira, Rajiv to go ; Opposition seeks ban on Modi's 'Mann Ki Baat' " reports the Tribune. The Asian Age reports "Election Commission set to say no to ban on Mann Ki Baat".
    All the papers report that a significant name has been dropped from the list of people who are not to be frisked at airports. The Pioneer states "Robert Vadra's name dropped from list of 'no-frisking people" .
    An arrest made in connection with the murder of veteran CPI leader Govind Pansare is widely noticed in the press. The Indian Express reports "Hindu outfilt man held for killing of veteran CPI leader : Sanathan Sanstha under scanner".
    The press reports that a new bail law is in the making. The Times of India writes "Government mulls bail law to limit court's discretion".
    In a special front page story, the Hindustan Times cites a study to state "16% of Lok Sabha MPs made wrong claims on election funds they received from party".
    The dengue outbreak in Delhi is under close media scrutiny. "66% drop in funds in 3 years has crippled war on dengue" reads the Times of India lead. Highlighting the desperation and panic around the disease, the Pioneer states "Peddlers selling jars of white liquid in name of goat's milk.
    And finally....the Times of India cites the first State of the World's Antibiotic report to caution "Antibiotic addict India losing fight against lethal bacteria". 

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