Saturday, September 12, 2015

Dozens killed in Mecca after crane collapses on Grand Mosque

Dozens killed in Mecca after crane collapses on Grand Mosque


    The meat ban in Mumbai, AAP MLA Somnath Bharti facing charges of domestic violence and the Ministry of external affairs asking the Saudi Diplomat accused of sexual assault on 2 Nepalese women to cooperate with the probe are some front page stories in papers today.

    "Cornered BJP softens on 4 day Mumbai Meat Ban", says the Hindustan Times while the Pioneer writes that with Rajasthan issuing orders on the same lines "Meat Ban fever spreads like wild fire as politics hots up".

    Referring to the Saudi Diplomat accused of rape, The Hindu writes "Waive immunity, Delhi tells Riyadh", - "Diplomatic Row escalates - Indian official meets Ambassador, seeks cooperation",  while the Pioneer adds that the medical tests of the 2 Nepalese maids has confirmed rape and sodomy.

    In taxing news for the consumer, the lead story in the Times of India focuses on Price rise. "All eyes on onions, but it's pulses that are truly racing", writes the paper, adding that with Arhar topping the list, most dals are priced above 100 rupees per kg.

    Most papers have carried the story of 2 little girls, aged 2 and 4, who accidentally locked themselves in the family's newly purchased car in the afternoon and suffocated to death near Gurgaon. By the time the families tried to find them, it was too late.

    And finally, the Mail Today writes that making people start work before 9 AM is "torture", according to a leading sleep expert in the UK. Sleep deprivation, the result of such hours, leaves the body exhausted and stressed. The study further recommends that for 16 year olds, school start time should be 10 am and 11 am for 18 year olds.

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