Sunday, September 27, 2015

PM Modi seeks change in decision-making | The Asian Age

PM Modi seeks change in decision-making | The Asian Age


    Papers are abuzz with Prime Minister Narendra Modi's meetings in New York on Thursday - with CEO's from the financial, media, infrastructure and manufacturing sectors, as also his push for India's elevation as a permanent member of the UN Security Council. Hindustan Times writes, "Reforms in governance my government's top priority, Modi assures CEOs", while the Time of India headline reads, "Reform security council to maintain its  credibility, Modi urges at UN meet".
    During Mr Modi's meeting with US media magnates, where the focus was on the role media and entertainment played in generation of employment opportunities, the CEO's describing India as the "biggest market", called for speedier digitalization of the Indian systems and early expansion of the G-4 network, reports the Pioneer.
    A top story in the Statesman reveals that the Lyndon Johnson led US government did little to prevent the India-Pakistan conflict in 1965 from escalating into a full-blown 21-day war in September, despite being fully aware of Pakistani regulars being sent to Kashmir. Declassified documents reveal that this was done so that the US air base in Peshwar could be used for spy missions over the Soviet Union.
    "First death over water rights leads to panic, anger, in heart of Delhi", reports the Indian Express. Five days ago in central Delhi's Peepal Wali Galli, 32-year old Dharmesh had died of cardiac arrest following a fight with a neighbour over water. " 5 KM from the VVIP zone and I am afraid  I will also be killed over water", reports a resident.
    In order to ensure smooth movement of security forces, the NDA government is working on a plan to bring in seamless connectivity among the 10 Naxal affected states by building bridges and roads for interstates connectivity, reports the Hindu. It plans to launch Road Requirement Plan II on the lines of the project launched by the UPA government in 2009.

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