Thursday, August 13, 2015

Sundar Pichai: IIT Kharagpur celebrates its shy student | The Economic Times Video | ET Now

Sundar Pichai: IIT Kharagpur celebrates its shy student | The Economic Times Video | ET Now


Congress stalling the GST bill finds top mention in most of the papers today."GST bill tabled, Congress din scuttles debate" is the lead in the Pioneer adding "main opposition isolated as allies want House to function". "GST Bill is in Rajya Sabha, but Congress blocks debate" headlines the Asian Age.

The Supreme Court ruling that Aadhar is not mandatory for government benefits is another story that is covered prominently by news papers this morning. "SC allows linking Aadhar with PDS & LPG subsidies." headlines the Times of India adding "But Tells Government not to use it for other schemes."

All the news papers carry news and photographs of Indian born Sundar Pichai becoming the Google CEO. " Sundar Pichai to spearhead Google." leads The Hindu adding "Larry Page to lead umbrella company Alphabet.

"AAP announces commission to probe CNG fitness scam of Sheila-era" writes the Hindustan Times. Mail Today headlines "AAP guns for L-G with scam ammunition".

"China devalues yuan and rattles India Inc" is the headline in The Financial Express adding "May force steps to protect local industry, exporters". "China devalues currency by 1.9% capitals shaken" writes The Economic Times.

"Maggi in a 640 Rupees crore soup" leads the Hindustan Times adding "Government moves national consumer court, wants Nestle India to pay up for unfair trade practice".

"Bihar DNA battle hots up JD-U plans statewide stir" reports The Asian Age. The paper writes that "People queue up at JD-U office with hair, nail samples to 'send DNA' to PM; Nitish urges Modi to take back his words."

"IAS probationers to be groomed at Centre first" writes The Pioneer in a front page report adding "Plan aims to make babus broaden their perspective before joining parent cadre".

And Finally, Our universe is dying, but not for 100 billion years. Well The Times of India reports the universe is slowly dying but we have an other 100 billion years, according to a new study of 2,00,000 galaxies which found that the energy generated by them is half of what it was two billion years ago.

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