Sunday, August 23, 2015

Pakistan calls off NSA talks, India says decision 'unfortunate'

Pakistan calls off NSA talks, India says decision 'unfortunate'


The uncertainty over the up coming talks between India and Pakistan, the High Court putting a stay on Gujarat's controversial law that made voting compulsory in Civic polls, and Air India flights being affected by protesting Pilots are some front page stories in papers today.

"Flyers hit as sulking Air India pilots call in sick", writes the Hindustan Times. "Pakistan bent on jeopardising Talks- India makes it clear no third party in dialogue; only agenda in NSA level talks is terror", writes the Pioneer, while the Indian Express says "India and Pakistan are talking- at each other".

The Tribune writes that the Haryana government move to open a new chapter in its Panchayati Raj History by bringing in literates to run the system at the grass root level has suffered a set back with the Haryana High court staying the operation of a clause that made basic education mandatory for contesting Panchayat Polls.

In an exclusive story the Hindustan Times writes that while Pakistan has been, for the past 2 decades denying the presence of Dawood Ibrahim in the country, Phone bills and travel papers exist which nail this lie.

 Under the headline "Soaring onion tears at your purse strings", The Pioneer writes that with retail Onion prices already having touched 80 rupees per kg in the capital, the AAP government has expressed its helplessness in controlling the Soaring prices.

The Times of India, reports that to curb the indiscriminate use of blood in treatment, Blood Banks will now issue blood and its  components only on an MBBS doctor's preion and not on  preions written by Ayurveda, Unani and Homeopathy doctors.

And finally, The Tribune cautions that as technology makes rapid advances, many new Skin disorders are on the rise because of excessive use of modern Gadgets with names like "Smart-phone face", "tech-neck" and "Whats Appitis", they result in sagging skin , double chin, lines on the face and loose jowls.

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