Saturday, August 29, 2015

Indian-origin man jailed for sex act in BMW while driving

Indian-origin man jailed for sex act in BMW while driving


    Another Pakistani terrorist being captured alive in Jammu and Kashmir after an encounter with security forces, the release of the first "Smart Cities"  list by the center, and the situation in Gujarat returning to normalcy, are some front page stories in papers today.
    The Asian Age writes that in a major step towards implementing its flagship Smart Cities project, the NDA government has released the names of 98 cities that will be redeveloped into Urban centres with robust infrastructure.
    "OROP breakthrough in sight as veterans and government show flexibility" writes the Hindustan Times while Asian Age says "Paramilitary units seek parity with Army; BSF; CRPF to push government to grant OROP."
    "End death penalty, keep it for terror only; says Law Commission" - The Indian Express reports that in what will be a reversal of its earlier stand, the Law Commission is set to recommend abolition of death penalty in the country.
    "SC cuts toll tax to make bumpy ride smooth" writes the Pioneer. The paper adds that according to the Apex Court, road users must pay for what they get.
    Under the headline "Doctor heals Hyderabad roads" The Hindu reports of Gangadhar Tilak Katnam a former government employee, who goes about in his car filling up potholes in Hyderabad from his pocket money and has earned the sobriquet of 'Road Doctor.'
    And finally.. " Cant live without your phone?" Then the Times of India Suggests that you could be suffering from nomophobia, a fear that can cause deep anxiety and discomfort if you are without your phone.

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