Sunday, July 12, 2015

India's most expensive movie ever? -

India's most expensive movie ever? -


The meeting of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Pakistan President Nawaz Sharif, the successful launch of ISRO's 5 satellites the unravelling of Vyapam scam, the passing away of Dr. Zhivago star -Omar Sharif and today being world population Day are some of the stories dominates newspapers today.

"Modi, Sharif press refresh at Russia meet" is the Hindustan Times headlines. It also reports that Nawaz Sharif has been criticized at home for Kashmir finding no mention in talks.

"A week before Eid, a block buster opens", is the Economic Times headline.

Vyapam scam continues to find space in papers- The Hindustan Times reports that a set of Art Excel sheets show that top officials were involved and planned meticulously.

"The Kharif sowing has been 60 percent more than last year, thanks to a good monsoon progress", reports the Asian Age.

The exit of 73 students from IIT Roorkee because of poor grades reflects a bigger problem-obsolete entrance exam, coaching factories, stress and burnout and a huge gap in merit of top students and those at the bottom - is a front page story with Economic Times.

There are 2.5 lakh millionaires in India, an increase of 27 percent since 2013. according to a wealth X report, this places India 6th in Global ranking says a story in The Hindu.

Bhalaji Damor, star of 1st Cricket World Cup for the blind in 1998, who played 8 international matches now herds buffaloes and does odd farm jobs for a living is a front page story in Times of India.'

ISRO has done India proud yet once again. Apart from the five UK satellites launched yesterday, Antrix corporation , the commercial arm of ISRO has signed service contracts for 28 satellites from various countries for launching in the next 2 years - reports the Hindu.

And finally, The Mail Today says "Of the 5 lakh citizens responding to PM's site '', 16 have been picked up who had a good 90 minute meeting with Prime Minister to make governance better in India".

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