Sunday, July 19, 2015

Five civilians injured in ceasefire violation by Pak in Poonch | The Financial Express

Five civilians injured in ceasefire violation by Pak in Poonch | The Financial Express


The CBI registering 3 fresh cases in the Vyapam Scam, Eid being celebrated today and a teenager being stabbed to death by  stalkers in full public view are some stories reported by most papers.

"Stabbed 35 times by stalkers, teen dies", says the Hindustan Times, writing that the 19 year old had lodged  a complaint  against the 2 brothers who had been stalking her for several years.

"GST Bill may run into trouble as congress ready with dissent note" writes the Tribune, while the Financial Express says "Congress isolated, most parties agree on GST Bill".

"Finally, a plan to rescue Patna from its unsafe airport : shut it and move to near by Indian Air force Base" headlines the Indian Express.

The Asian Age writes that the centre has directed that a complainant in a sexual harassment case will be allowed 3 months paid leave and she or the government employee complained against can be transfered to another department during the probe.

The Pioneer reports that thanks to good rainfall so far, Sowing of the Kharif crop has picked up momentum across the country though there is not much good news in terms of the paddy crop.

The Indian Express writes that the Maharashtra government has filed FIRs against 16 banks for their failure to allocate loans to farmers reeling under several drought like conditions for the 3rd consecutive year across the state.

And finally, in a breakthrough that could lead to a new protocol for cancer detection and treatment, the Times of India writes that scientists have identified a glucose delivery mechanism which helps cancer cells survive and grow.

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