Thursday, May 28, 2015

Rahul Gandhi takes dig at PM Modi's pet 'Make in India' scheme, says a 'zero' will come out of it

Rahul Gandhi takes dig at PM Modi's pet 'Make in India' scheme, says a 'zero' will come out of it


    The trading of charges between the BJP and the Congress in the backdrop of the completion of the first year in office of the NDA government dominates the front pages. The Hindustan Times quotes Prime Minister Narendra Modi telling news agency PTI "Sonia extra-constitutional power in UPA years". The Pioneer writes that while defending himself against charges of corruption, former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh attacked the present government saying "Institutions of democracy threatened."

    The press has evinced keen interest in the meeting between Mr Modi and Mr Manmohan Singh last evening. The Hindu writes "Modi invites Manmohan to talk economics".

    The  Center has filed an appeal against the Delhi High Court order allowing the Delhi Government's Anti Corruption Branch to probe graft cases against central government employees in the Supreme Court. "Center in SC against High Court order, says wasnt heard" reports the Times of India.

    Most papers report that there is relief for the NGO Greenpeace whose bank accounts were frozen by the central government. "Delhi High Court allows Greenpeace to operate 2 domestic accounts" reports the Indian Express.

    In a special front page story, "Newspapers only on paper, make a killing from govt. ads ", the Hindu points to the possibility of a well oiled machinery of political patronage and bribes involving the Directorate of Audio Visual Publicity or DAVP.

    Most papers notice the ordeals of a young Muslim girl in Mumbai. "Woman told to vacate flat for being a Muslim" reports the Mail Today. The Times of India, cites a report by the UN's Food and Agricultural Organization to report "Dubious distinction : India leads world hunger list ; At 195 million ,it beats China".

    And finally, in what is clearly a sign of growing societal acceptance of the transgender community, the Hindustan Times writes "West Bengal college gets India's first transgender head".

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