Sunday, May 3, 2015

Now, Rahul vows to protect middle class from builder lobby

Rahul Gandhi on Land Bill ordinance - The Hindu


Papers are full of stories of the Nepal earthquake aftermath. The Hindustan Times, in a block item titled "picking up the pieces" on its front page, quotes the Nepalese PM as saying "indebted to India, but need more". The Indian Express reports of S Jaishankar and Ajit Doval reaching Kathmandu yesterday. The paper writes "Foreign Secretary, NSA land, offer "anything, everything to help".

While there was devastation and death in Nepal when the quake struck, the Indian Express says, there were "400 births in time of death", of the children delivered in various hospitals. The Times of India reports of a 5.4 magnitude earthquake recorded in the Andaman sea yesterday.

About the death of the teen who was molested in Moga, and who subsequently died, the Tribune headline reads "family rejects governments Rs. 20 lakh offer". "Anger rises against Badals, family refuses to cremate Moga girl" is a Hindustan Times headline.

"Starting a business just got easier" states the Asian Age, about the simplification of the procedure to set up a new company. A single e-form needs to be filled now.

"Gadakari under CAG fire for rupees 49 crore Purti loan" writes the Hindustan Times on its front page.

Indian Americans have been recognised as the best educated and wealthiest ethnic group, writes the Times of India. But the latest census in the U.S reveals that the Indian household income of this group has crossed the one lakh dollars per annum.

"Is your car fit for the road? You may lose it if it is not" is the Economic Times headline, about the government working on norms to cancel registration of vehicles beyond repair.

The Hindustan Times reports "Horns are not OK in Maharashtra anymore" about the new directive to remove the "horn OK please" message from trucks.

The Times of India reports of a new test in the U.S that can predict cancer 13 years ahead.

And finally, the Hindustan Times, in a block item titled "reviving a tradition" reports of papers mache entering the Kashmiri School curriculum.

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