Thursday, March 19, 2015

World Cup 2015: India look to avoid Bangla banana peel - Livemint

World Cup 2015: India look to avoid Bangla banana peel - Livemint


The Supreme Court scraping quota for Jats is a top story in all papers this morning. "Supreme Court says Jats not OBC's quota politics takes a hit" is the lead in the Hindustan Times adding that ' castes can't be the sole criterion for determining backwardness says court". "Supreme court scraps Jat reservation, says look beyond caste for quotas" headlines the Indian Express.

The story of Aam Aadmi Party deciding to go national also finds mention in the papers. "Aam Aadmi Party moves to end rift as it eyes other states" writes the Hindu. "AAP does a Yogendra, says will go national" informs the Hindustan Times.

On the contentious coal and mining bills, the Business Standard writes "Dissenting Congress says won't stand in the way", adding "The Rajya Sbaha panels on Bills adopt their reports."

Referring to opposition land march, the Times of India writes "Newly combative Sonia leads aggressive opposition".

And finally, there may soon be two seater flying cars. Well, the Times of India writes that a two seater flying car which can take flight from any clear road could go on sale as early as 2017, say its manufactures

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