Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Jairam Ramesh trashes PM's defence of Land Acquisition Bill - IBNLive

Jairam Ramesh trashes PM's defence of Land Acquisition Bill - IBNLive


India and Pakistan sparring again over Hurriyat is the story that  finds top mention  in all the papers today. "India says Hurriyat has no role in Indo-Pak ties' is the lead in the Hindustan Times, adding Basit rebuffed " There are only two parties, there is no place for third party". The Times of India quotes Modi as telling Sharif " End terror, violence for talk to work".

Newspapers have also reported the controversial tweets from Minister of State for External Affairs, V.K.Singh who attended Pakistan day celebration at Pakistan High Commission in Delhi. The Indian Express writes "Pak Day; PM greets, MOS tweets#disgust."

All papers cover, the story of the first semi-final of the cricket World cup being played today; between New Zealand and South Africa . On India's semi-final match against Australia on Thursday, The Business Standard writes "Atmosphere heats up for India-Oz battle" adding that as many as 70 percent of the tickets for the match at SCG, which has a capacity of about 42,000 have been bought by Indian fans".

"AAP-BJP stand off could bring civic services in Delhi to halt' writes the Times of India . The sub head reads 'North, East corp haven't paid staff for 2 months".

"Home Minister promises to protect minorities "headlines the Pioneer adding "Questions need for conversion; seeks debate on anti conversion law". The Hindu quotes Rajnath Singh as asking "Is conversion necessary for social work?".

And finally some bad news for Dussehri lovers. Well, the Times of India writes, a bite of Dussehri may cost Rs. 10-15 more than usual this summer. Besides the mango is likely to be smaller and less sweet because of erratic weather thats hit UP's mango growing belt.

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