Friday, December 12, 2014

Russia, India Pledge Cooperation During Putin’s Visit

Russia, India Pledge Cooperation During Putin’s Visit


    Pictorial News reports of India's Kailash Satyarthi receiving the Nobel Peace prize with Pakistani Malala Yousufzai and the Cabinet clearing the Insurance Bill are 2 stories reported on their front page by most papers.

    News related to the alleged rape of a woman in an Uber Cab by its driver has been covered by many papers from different angles. "Uber Top exec questioned; Mumbai official thrashed" writes the Hindustan Times while  the Hindu says "Uber admits to negative feedback on Cabbie". In an exclusive report, the Mail Today writes "Cabbie's first victims were in his village" adding "Mainpuri recounts Shiv Kumar Yadav's history of sexual violence as his helpless neighbours still await justice".

    "3 firms that bought land from Vadra have records riddled with holes" writes the Indian Express. The paper adds that these firms bought nearly 200 hectares from Robert Vadra.

    The Pioneer reports that victims of abortive suicide bids will not be subjected to criminal trial as the centre has decided to scrap section 309 from the Indian Penal Code.

    Referring to the conversion of around 300 Muslims to Hinduism in Agra, the Hindustan Times writes "UP on boil, reconversion row reaches Parliament".

    And finally, in some intersting news for weight watchers, the Times of India says "Believe it, Potato can help you control weight" as a potato extract Rich with polyphenols is the magic ingredient. The paper writes that the result of the recent study were so surprising that the investigators repeated the experiment, just to be sure.

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