Friday, December 12, 2014

Google locking Spanish publishers out of Google News service

Google locking Spanish publishers out of Google News service


The high-power meeting, yesterday, between President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Narendra Modi, is covered extensively by today's Press. "Putin backs 'Make in India' - with Copter, nuclear deals," headlines  Hindustan Times. The Indian Express reports that India and Russia sought to strengthen their special partnership by announcing a clutch of agreements in energy and defence , including 12 nuclear reactors and manufacture of advanced Russian helicopters in India.
The other news story covered extensively this morning, is on President Pranab Mukherjee's book entitled "The Dramatic Decade: the Indira Gandhi years", which has just been released. The Asian Age writes, revealing minute details of the events leading to the emergency, Mr. Mukherjee said Indira Gandhi was unaware of the constitutional provisions of such a move, which he described as an 'unavoidable event'.
The Times of India reports that the fragile sunderbans region around 100 kms from kolkata stares at an ecological nightmare after a Bangladeshi vessell carrying 350 tonnes of oil crashed, spilling the toxic liquid over an 80 sq km area, thwarting a sanctuary of rare Ganges and Irrawaddy Dolphins.
"BJP calls for national law to curb conversion - headlines The Hindu. Trying to turn the tables on the Opposition, the BJP party-led government, yesterday, called for a nationwide law to restrict conversions. "Conversion ban idea gets flak" writes the Asian Age.
The Economic Times covers a meeting of Prime Minister Narendra Modi with 16 US-based economists on Thursday. Likening his government's first six months in office as a period in which a sickly economy was nursed back to health, Mr. Modi - said the real exercise would start now, indicating an imminent burst of hard policy-based measures.
'Taxmen Hot on Engineer Yadav Trail' Headlines Mail Today, reporting that the Income Tax department has now asked the Noida Authority to provide more details about the land allotted to 25 companies owned by Yadav Singh, his wife, son and some close associates.
And finally "Drones to patrol Delhi at night",reports the Pioneer. In the wake of the increasing challenge of ensuring safety of Delhi residents, especially women, the Delhi Police have decided to use mini drones fitted with night-vision cameras for aerial surveillance in the national capital at night.

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