Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Pakistani Taliban Attack on Peshawar School Leaves 145 Dead

Pakistani Taliban Attack on Peshawar School Leaves 145 Dead


Most newspapers have covered the story of the Sydney siege on their front pages. A Hindustan Times headline reads, "16-hour Sydney siege ends, gunman, two hostages dead" while The Times of India under the caption, "Two Indians among 15 hostages rescued as cops storm Sydney cafe" says heavily armed policemen stormed the cafe, ending a 16-hour siege by an Iran-born gunman who had held 17 hostages, including two people of Indian origin.
"2 YRS AFTER NIRBHAYA, WOMEN’S SAFETY STILL ‘LIGHT’ YEARS AWAY" - under that headline, The Pioneer writes that two years after the brutal gangrape-cum-murder of a 23-year-old paramedical student in Delhi shook the conscience of the traumatised nation and highlighted the issue of women’s safety like never before, pretty little has changed to ensure the fair sex’s safety and security on the Capital streets. Delhi government is revamping the women’s distress helpline 181 as it has been brought to their notice that not all calls are being catered to due to limitation in resources.
Inflation and exports data released on Monday raised hopes of a revival in investments and growth. Declining for the fifth straight month, the pace of wholesale inflation dropped to a six-year low of 0 per cent in November, reports The Hindu.
In an unprecedented and bold step, the Supreme Court has decided to take a relook at its judgments delivered on February 11 by an apex court bench headed by Justice H L Gokhale just prior to his retirement which had allegedly helped his sister get back tenancy rights after she was non-suited by a trial court.
Bleeding no-frills carrier SpiceJet has got a 7-10 day lifeline from the government after it pleaded before aviation authorities that it would have to shut down operations if the government didn’t provide any relief, says Hindustan Times.
And finally, under the headline, "A plane to fly anywhere in the world in 4 hours", The Times of India writes that A British aerospace firm is developing an aircraft that would take passengers anywhere in the world in just four hours

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