Monday, October 20, 2014

Thirteen killed in explosion at Andhra Pradesh cracker manufacturing unit

Thirteen killed in explosion at Andhra Pradesh cracker manufacturing unit


The BJP's historic Assembly win in Haryana - and it's emergence as the largest party in Maharashtra, is undeniably the lead story in today's papers. "Modi routs Congress in two states", is the top headline in The Asian Age. "Times of India reports "NCP offers BJP unconditional outside support". The Tribune tells us, that "In Haryana the  voter has sent the highest-ever 13 women - to the 13th Haryana Vidhan Sabha".
The Indian Express asks - "Is Delhi Next?" the paper writes, With the BJP claiming 47 out of 90 Assembly seats in Haryana and 122 out of 288 seats in Maharashtra, the party's Delhi unit is hoping to ride the wave to power in the National Capital as well.
Hindustan Times has a front page story on India's biggest tax reform initiative - The Goods and Services Tax (GST); this could see a staggered implementation starting with a nationwide unified tax system for Goods from April 2016, which will extend to Services later - thereby creating a common national market.
The Asian reports that among other second-generation economic reforms the Centre may soon consider unleashing are - the Direct Tax Code,  Insurance and Pension Bills, power tarrifs,  labour reforms and other decisions to make it easier to do business with India.
And finally, Times of India informs us that reading glasses may soon be a thing of the past - as 'corneal inlays' (in the form of a thin ring ) -implanted into the eye with a simple surgery, can correct vision without the need for corrective treatment, according to researchers in the United States.

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