Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Modi govt gets going on Day 1, forms SIT on black money - Hindustan Times

Modi govt gets going on Day 1, forms SIT on black money - Hindustan Times


Expectedly, it is the swearing in of Prime Minister Narendra Modi yesterday and related stories along with pictures that find prominence in all dailies today.

"India begins Modi Era", says the Asian Age. "Abki baar Choti Sarkar" is the Economic Times headlines and the Indian Express simply says, "He signs in".

The Pioneer calls it a blend of youth and experience in Modi's cabinet.

"Sharif visit might spur Pakistan to deliver on terror and boost trade ties speculates the Hindustan Times.

The Times of India makes an observation that 25 percent of Modi's cabinet are women, and all 7 are tipped for 'Hard' Ministries. The oldest and the youngest ministers are women too - Najma Heptullah and Smiriti Irani.

The Times of India also says that PM Modi can be contacted directly through email at pmindia.nic.in.

In an interesting headline the Financial Express says, "Modi government now has to play reforms to ensure Bhartiya janata parties hard". Indeed the country awaits the new budget keenly.

The Hindu shows a picture of Bapi Bhattacharya who travelled from Chas in Jharkhand to Delhi and stood in Central Delhi yesterday with lotus-shaped umbrella in BJP flag's colours of orange and green.

In a touching story Hindustan Times reports that many orphanages in Kerala run by religious bodies are under scanner as child trafficking has been found thriving in the region, wherein 600 children were rescued recently.

And finally, in a progressive step - the SARV BURA GOTRA KHAP in Haryana, a khap that represents 70 villages in the state gives a nod to inter caste marriages and further they want to focus on water and environment. Thats a story from the Tribune.

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