Thursday, March 27, 2014

WHO certifies India polio-free

WHO certifies India polio-free


    Congress party releasing its manifesto yesterday and claiming that BJP's 'upbeat campaign bubble' would soon burst as it did in 2004 and 2009 - is highlighted by the press. The Pioneer writes that, the populist manifesto with right to health, right to social security and right to pension, renewed its promise to contain poverty in 100 days.
    Belying expectation that he would step down as BCCI president after the Supreme Court asked him to, N. Srinivasan is looking set to stretch it to the last over, reports the Times of India. "Srini is unlikely to quit without direct SC order", is the Asian Age's headline.
    On the missing Malaysia airliner the Hindu writes that the difficulty in identifying debris was underlined as aircraft and sea vessels continued their search for 122 potential objects identified by French satellites.
    The Hindu writes that Russia has reportedly taken control of Ukranian military facilities in Crimea, raising its flag in all 193 military garrisons and asking Ukranian servicemen to return to their country. "Putin's popularity at home soars", headlines the paper.
    The Vision Document of the BJP is out-of-sight, writes the Economic Times as the party fears that its liberal stance on key economic issues, notably labour laws and PSU reforms, could trigger controversy and be a distraction during the election campaign.
    "Fed up of auto-rickshaw drivers who charge more or refuse to go by the meter?" The Delhi Traffic police will soon make available an app that allows passengers to calculate fares for both autos and taxis plying in the city, says the Indian Express News Line.
    The Supreme Court has lashed out at the UPA government for its inaction in bringing back black money stashed in foreign bank accounts, thereby destroying the economy, reports the Indian Express.
    And finally, a cartoon in the Hindu shows a bewildered Modi with tiny Arvind Kejriwal holding a 'jharu' to his back. Modi's thought bubble confuses it for an AK 47, possibly prompting his recent remarks.

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