Sunday, March 30, 2014

Congress's heart beats for Reliance: AAP - The Times of India

Congress's heart beats for Reliance: AAP - The Times of India


"Defiant Jaswant shown the door, out for 6 years" is the headline of the Hindustan Times on its front page. The paper adds says the BJP expelled former union Minister Jaswant singh after the 76 year old refused to back down from his decision to contest the Lok Sabha polls as an Independent candidate.

Besides involving the might of several countries, the Malaysian government had also sought the services of leading Indian astrologers to find out the whereabouts  of the Malaysia Airlines MH370; The Sunday Pioneer adds that Malaysian Embassy has been making discreet enquires on the missing aircraft from leading astrologers in the country.

The Times of India reports that, the Capital, observed Earth Hour from 8.30 to 9.30 pm on Saturday. It saved about 175 MW compared to last year 169 MW. The paper covers it under the headline "Earth hour greener this time as more power saved".

According to the Statesman, the 16th Mushaira Jashn-e-Bahaar, the country's biggest non-political, non-official Urdu poetry symposium will be held in Delhi on 4 April. " The Musaira, will see some scintillating poetry from a score of participants from across the globe and India. "Urdu poetry from Turkey and Tajikistan will be showcased here for the first time this year,"

And finally, the Hindustan Times reports a study according to which smokers cannot savour the taste of coffee. The toxic chemicals in tobacco causes a loss of taste among smokers, hampering regeneration of taste buds, even after they quit smoking.

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