Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Subrata Roy to sleep on floor at Tihar, eat jail food

Subrata Roy to sleep on floor at Tihar, eat jail food

Most newspapers this morning highlight the blow to the government after the Supreme Court Judge K. T. Thomas rejected the offer to head the Lokpal panel. This is the second exit after Fali Nariman who also refused the position earlier.
The Oscar ceremony with photographs of prominent hollywood personalities is the other major headline in most newspapers. The movie '12 Years As A Slave' won three Oscars including the best picture.
After ordering a CBI probe into the alleged kickbacks, and the use of unauthorized commercial adviser by Rolls Royce, the Ministry of Defense put on hold all deals with the British Engine manufacturer, writes the Hindu. "Rolls Royce admits to paying kickbacks", writes the Pioneer.
After a protracted legal battle, Veteran Congress Leader N.D. Tiwari accepting his biological son, is another major story covered by most newspapers this morning with photographs. "With a hug Tiwari accepts his son" writes the Indian Express.
The Reserve Bank of India has extended the deadline for exchanging pre 2005 currency notes to January 2015 from the existing deadline of March 2014. The Times of India, Business Standard and other papers have highlighted this story.
The Time of India writes that data from the National Bomb Data Centre shows, that there were 212 bomb blast in India in 2013 - more than double the blasts in Afghanistan, making India 3rd amongst the most dangerous countries in the world only next to Iraq and Pakistan.
And finally, as part of the new list of measures initiated by the Nepal Government to rid the worlds highest peak, Mt. Everest of tons of garbage accumulated over the years, every climber, who ascends beyond the base camp from April, will have to bring back at least 8kg of trash besides his own waste, writes the Hindustan Times and Asian Age.

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