Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Supreme Court directs arrest of Sahara chief Subrata Roy | DNA India

Supreme Court directs arrest of Sahara chief Subrata Roy | Latest News & Updates at


Eleven political parties coming together yesterday to offer an alternative to the Congress and BJP - is prominently noticed by the Press. Hindustan Times writes - 'Now synonymous with general elections, the Third Front arrives - boat packed with Prime Ministerial hopefuls'.

Assembly Elections in Andhra Pradesh will be held simultaneously with the Lok Sabha polls - scheduled for April/May, reports the Hindu. While President Pranab Mukherjee is expected to give his assent to the Bill in the next few days, the division will take place only after the elections.

The Indian Express reports that the UPA Government is planning to promulgate at least nine ordinances next week - seeking clearance by the cabinet when it meets on Friday. Experts say the  ordinance will be the first big test for the President as he will have to, before giving his assent, take into consideration the question of propriety and timing.

Most papers cover BJP President Rajnath Singh reaching out to Muslims in a speech yesterday. The Asian Age quotes him "Whenever, whereever, if there has been any mistake and shortcoming on our part, I assure you that we will apologize to you by bowing our heads".

Financial papers highlight the Bimal Jalan Panel report on new Banks. The Business Line writes - India has moved a step closer to issuing fresh bank licenses, with the panel having completed the background verification of all applicants.

Times of India informs us that the humble bottle of household vinagar may soon be used to cure multi-drug-resistant-tuberculosis- as a team of reserchers in London have found that its acetic acid content reduces the number of TB micro-bacteria from around 100 million to undetectable levels.

And finally, those driving past a roundabout on Shanti Path in Delhi, will have the pleasure of seeing a beautiful purple stone sculpture at the center - a gift from the people of Canada to the people of India.

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