Thursday, August 10, 2017

War With North Korea Not Imminent, Officials Say, but U.S. Would Still Win

War With North Korea Not Imminent, Officials Say, but U.S. Would Still Win


The winning of Rajya Sabha seats by Amit Shah, Smriti Irani and Ahmed Patel amidst high voltage drama dominates the front pages of most papers today.
"Void votes give life support to Patel" is the DNA headline. The paper calls Shah vs Patel as a Battle of titans.
"EC jolt for BJP- advantage Ahmed Patel" headline the Pioneer.
The Asian Age reports that in a surprise development the Shiv Central Waqf Board told the Supreme court that a mosque can be built at a reasonable distance from the birth place  of Lord Ram in Ayodhya.
We all know plastic bags as a menace to environment. They choke drains and find their way into 'stray cows' stomachs. In a reply n Lok Sabha the environment Minister Harshwardhan has said that 17 states and Union Territories have imposed ban on manufacture, sale and use of plastic carrybags says a Tribune report.
The Hindu reports that ahead of Ganesh Chaturthi, a Bengaluru based start up is offering green Ganesha made of natural clay and organic vegetable dyes and thats not all. It has a seed ball inside so that as you water the Ganesha idol everyday the seeds will sprout.
The NPPA which capped the prices of coronary stents in February may soon impose a limit on prices of knee implants, speculates The Hindu Business Line.
The Narendra Modi government has asked all higher educational institutions to take students to memorials of freedom fighters and homes of martyrs as part of 70th Independence Day Celebration report most papers.
BSES issuing advisory warning against use of metal coated manjha for kites/ Chinese Company hacking a Gurugram Company/ and Toy train set to make a comeback in Nandan Kanan Biological Park in Bhubaneshwar/ India to get new safety standard for milk are some of the other stories covered by papers today.

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