Friday, October 7, 2016

Rahul accuses Modi of 'dalali' over soldiers' sacrifices

Rahul accuses Modi of 'dalali' over soldiers' sacrifices 

Newspapers Headlines

Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi's word of caution to his cabinet colleagues against speaking out of turn on the surgical strikes in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir is the front page lead in most newspapers. "Avoid chest-thumping on surgical stirkes, says PM" reports the Hindu. With demands being made to release proof of the strikes, the Hindustan Times quotes two Central ministers as saying " Have proof of strike but will not release it".
Sri Lanka's comments on the future of the SAARC grouping get noticed on the front pages of many newspapers. The Pioneer quotes Sri Lankan Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe as saying "No future for SAARC if cross border terrorism not wiped out".
Landmark amendments to the 2014 HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control Bill are prominently noticed in the papers. The Tribune reports "Any bias against HIV Positive can land you in jail for 2 years".
Most papers highlight a serious fraud committed by some call centres in Maharashtra. The Times of India writes "Phoney call centres in Mumbai dupe Americans of 500 crore rupees". The Indian Express observes ": 70 held, 700 booked ; victims were threatened with 'tax probe' ".
The Economic Times has an interesting story on the Right to Information Act or RTI. The paper quotes a study done by the Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative to say "1.75 crore RTI applications filed since 2005 ; Centre, Maharashtra and Karnataka receive two thirds of the total applications".
A seamless travel experience for rail commuters is in the offing as the railways plans to revamp its mobile application. From booking ticket, pre-ordering a meal, requesting for porter services, complaining about lack of cleanliness in a coach, lodging at retiring room, ordering a bed roll accessing digital entertainment, reserving a hotel, booking an airline ticket in case of a wait-listed rail ticket all on new rail app soon, writes the Financial Express.

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