Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Fire in private hospital in Bhubaneswar kills 14

Fire in private hospital in Bhubaneswar kills 14


"India slams Pak over BRICS wall" headlines the Indian Express. Joint Statement skips cross border, China is for a political solution it says.
Boycott of Chinese items by consumers during festive seasons has left wholesalers and retailers across country in a dilemma. Sale is 30 per cent down, says Mail Today "Pakistani writers" have not been invited to Kasauli lit fest, says another report in the paper.
The Times of India quotes govt statistics that 40 per cent of Indian roads are not metalled, and only 78 per cent of roads are either one or 2 lane affairs. Indeed 'a long way to go' it headlines.
The Economic Times quotes Finance Minister Arun Jaitley as saying "The Narendra Modi government believes that personal laws must comply with fundamental rights. This was in reference to the triple Talaq among Muslims.
"Govt to Brief opposition MP's on surgical strikes is a Statesman headlines. This is an apparent bid to quell opposition trade says the report.
35 year old Santhi Soundarajan who was stripped of her silver medal in 2006 over a failed controversial gender test is now to  be appointed as a coach by Tamil Nadu. However the fight to get back her medal and dignity is still on, says The Hindu report.
A few trans genders have been chosen to give road safety lessons in Delhi from 25th October to get them into mainstream society says the Tribune.
The Pioneer carries a colorful picture of Valmiki Rath Yatra procession yesterday with Red Fort in the background.
Covered by newspapers; 100 para gliders flying in Bali skies creating a world record / Kolkatta celebrating the Botany legend. E.K. Janaki Ammal / a sand sculpture showcasing different monuments of the BRICS nations by Sudarshan Patnaik / a Hiroshima like memorial to be made at Bhopal Gas tragedy site / A charity wall in SIRSA in Katihal to give old clothes/ and New Standards on food fortification been released by FSSAI have been covered by newspapers.

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