Friday, May 27, 2016

KCR Denies RS Seat To Media Owner

KCR Denies RS Seat To Media Owner


    The diplomatic row engulfing India after the murder of Congolese national last week makes for front page news this morning."African nations unite against racism in city"writes Hindustan Times.The Asian Age quotes Africa as telling India "stop racist attacks or lose students"."Centre seeks to cool African ire"states the Hindu.
    Referring to the draft rules of the Juvenile Justice Act 2015 the Pioneer writes "New juvenile Act handles delinquents with kid gloves,no handcuffs or lock-up for 16 to 18 year old children"."Government proposes child-friendly juvenile laws"notes the Asian Age.
    Writing on President Pranab Mukherjee's China visit, the Pioneer writes "Make in India, Pranab invites Chinese to conducive India". The Statesman quotes the President as saying "China should give more market access for Indian products".
    "IED leak prevented deadly Jaish strike in Delhi last December" leads the Times of India. The paper writes that the plot was revealed after arrest of duo in Kabul.
    "Monsoon cheer as Australia signals end of EI Nino" writes the Hindu. The paper quotes the weather officials in India as saying "this could cause monsoon to spill over to October.
    In the coming months buses across the country will be fitted with panic buttons, CCTV and GPS-in an effort to make  public transport safer for women in the wake of rising crime and violence against them, notes the Hindustan Times.
    The Asian Age carries the bizarre story of UK foreign office cat being put under the scanner for being "European Union spy".
    And finally, artificial sweeteners may harm your health. Well, the Hindustan Times reports, artificial sweeteners help cut calories, but may have negative health effects, a study warned.

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