Thursday, February 18, 2016

Small Indian company unveils $4 smartphone, website crashes shortly after

Small Indian company unveils $4 smartphone, website crashes shortly after


    Most of the newspapers lead with stories related to the JNU protests. The Hindustan Times headline reads "Lawyers turn lawless again". "Cops give goons a free hand, again" is how the Times of India describes it. The Mail Today lead focusses attention on an undesirable fallout of the row, as auto drivers refuse to go to JNU & landlords ask students to vacate premises.
    The launch of the Rs 251 smartphone also finds in many newspapers, though the Tribune reports that the Indian Cellular Association has raised concerns over the low price and called for a probe.
    The Hindu writes that days after the announcement of the detection of gravitational waves from deep space, the Union Cabinet had "in principle" approved a proposal to have a gravitational wave detector in India.
    The paper also quotes the Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar as saying that by the year-end, "Private sector will build fighter jets in India" under the Make in India initiative.
    In news that will bring some cheer to those lamenting poor driving habits in India, the Times of India reports that "30% of new driving licence seekers flunk simulator tests", when practical tests were done in Pune using IT and without any human intervention. The paper adds that the applicants start faring much better with training.
    And finally, "Temples, mosques to soon turn into internet hubs with Tata Comm" leads the Hindu Business Line, adding that soon 10000 villages would be connected under this model to offer cheap high speed, broadband quality internet.

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