Sunday, January 3, 2016

HC orders Rs 20 lakh each to kin of 24 Hyderabad students swept away in Beas | india | Hindustan Times

HC orders Rs 20 lakh each to kin of 24 Hyd students swept away in Beas | india | Hindustan Times


It was "the warmest New Year's Day in ten years" as reported by the Times of India, newspapers are replete with reports of the odd-even experiment with cars, to battle pollution levels in the capital city.

"Success silences opposition" reports The Asian Age. "Real test on Monday" says Hindustan Times. "Delhi on Day1: The Oddacity of hope" opines The Indian Express. "Not much difference in air quality" mentions The Hindu whereas The Times of India predicts "Phase 2 on cards minus exemptions" for women and two wheelers.

"Delhi Babus go on leave, protesting the suspension of two of their colleagues: CM cries foul" is the lead story  in The Statesman."Benegal will head panel on revamp of censor board" writes The Asian Age, "in a move which could clip the wings of the controversial censor board chief Pahlaj Nihalani."

"UGC plans : BSc, MSc course in Yoga"  hoping to cash in on the Prime Ministers push for the ancient discipline and it's growing popularity across the world" reports Hindustan Times.

"Jammu & Kashmir High Court stays order to fly state flag," reports The Tribune. "A larger bench of Jammu and Kashmir High Court stayed the single judge bench order allowing the use of both the tricolour as well as the state flag on official buildings and vehicles," says The Asian Age.

And finally, mergers seem to be taking place not just on our Earth but also in deep space. "For the first time ever, Hubble telescope has captured the merging of two galaxies nearly 230 million light-years away from Earth in the Hercules constellation," reports Hindustan Times with pictures.  "Although the 'Galaxy' now appears to have a highly chaotic shape, eventually it will settle down and may not resemble either of the two original Galaxies."

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