Friday, January 8, 2016

23-year-old Telangana organ donor turns ‘kidney racketeer’

23-year-old Telangana organ donor turns ‘kidney racketeer’


    The High Court asking the Delhi government to consider limiting the odd-even vehicular formula trial to a week, the Delhi government scrapping the Management and all other quotas except the one for Economically weaker sections and the Supreme Court asking the centre to put in place a statutory policy to protect whistle blowers are some lead stories in papers today.
    Referring to the expected drop in pollution levels after the implementation of the odd-even traffic policy, the Pioneer quotes experts as saying that expecting the levels to drop overnight would be 'silly'as there may be existing residues in the air. The paper adds that the reduced traffic would in itself reduce risk of respiratory diseases due to reduced exposure.
    "North Korea claims to have tested hydrogen bomb - defiant bid to show of nuclear powers", writes the Hindu while the Tribune says "Tremors across world as North Korea 'triggers' hydrogen Bomb".
    Probing the Pathankot airbase breach, the Indian Express reports on how the intrusion took place writing "Fence floodlights that did not work, gaps in border patrol, patchy police response".
    In disturbing news for the fight against Cancer, the Tribune writes "Punjab bows, lifts gutkha manufacturing ban", while highlighting the reality that Smokeless tobacco is largely associated with oral cancers.
    And finally, the Times of India reports that according to the World Bank, India would comfortably remain the fastest growing economy in 2016.

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