Thursday, September 11, 2014

Govt mulls 'digital locker' to store citizens' info on cloud | Business Standard News

Govt mulls 'digital locker' to store citizens' info on cloud | Business Standard News


    The flood in Jammu and Kashmir continues to dominate headlines. "Stranded tourists get frantic; several localities still under 15 feet water; Administration not in sight ; people all praise for army", reports the Tribune. The Hindustan Times writes  "Anger rises in Valley, victims attack rescuers". Highlighting warnings of a possible flood in Srinagar by the state's flood control department and remote sensing center, the Mail Today lead says, "A deluge of warnings on J&K ignored".
    Most papers highlight Telengana Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao's controversial reaction to a group of journaliasts, who were protesting against the ban on two Telugu news channels for allegedly hurting Telengana sentiments. "Will break your neck and bury, KCR warns media", reports the Pioneer. The Hindu has published a photograph of some journalists covering an event presided over by Mr Rao with their mouths gagged with black cloth.
    The charge sheeting of BJP President Amit Shah by the Uttar Pradesh police for allegedly stirring communal passions through a speech in the run up to the Lok Sabha elections is prominently noticed. "Shah charged for Muzzaffarnagar 'revenge' speech", writes the Hindustan Times.
    In a front page story, the Times of India says that Britain's leading fraud prosecutor has alleged that the British subsidiary of the French train and turbine maker Alstom paid around 8.5 million dollars or 52 crore rupees as bribe to win Delhi Metro contracts. The Hindu writes, "Alstom disguised bribe as consultancy fee".
    The questions raised by the Supreme Court over the Kerala government's decision to limit bar licenses to only 5 star hotels gets wide coverage. "SC questions logic behind Kerala govt's liquor policy", reports the Indian Express.
    Commerce Minister Nirmala Sitharaman's press conference in Delhi yesterday is highlighted in most papers. The Indian Express quotes her as saying, "Dual use norms for SEZ coming soon".
    With Delhi having made helmets mandatory for all women on two wheelers except Sikh women, all the papers report that 5000 women in the capital were fined for violating this rule. The message is clear : strap up before you hit the road.

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