Saturday, January 4, 2014

Will Telangana emerge before general elections?

Will Telangana emerge before general elections? 

Almost all papers write of PM Manmohan Singh's announcement of retirement yesterday clearing the decks for Rahul Gandhi as the UPA Prime Ministerial candidate. "Sunset for Singh, time for Sonrise? asks Hindustan Times.
Hindustan Times also writes "BJP secretly happy with PM's attack on Modi" - as the PM's unprecedented attack on its mascot Narendra Modi may reboot Modi's 'campaign and bring him back into the spotlight.
"Rahul likely to be appointed PM Candidate at January 17 AICC meet", is the headline in the Financial Express.
Times of India writes 'With 126 legislations pending in both houses of Parliament, the govt is keen to reconvene the Winter Session in February, to pass some key bills and take a vote on account.
Business Line reports - the new Land Policy approved by the Cabinet on Thursday is welcomed by major ports which can expand their facilities with the new power of land use.
And finally, the Indian Express informs us that lifestyle changes may help prevent 50-60 % Alzheimer's cases. Diet is paramount. According to neurologists good fats are protective, which include fish oils and that coconut products and virgin coconut oil should be incorporated into our diets. 

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