Monday, January 20, 2014

Kashmiri Pandit Exodus Day

 Most papers have put on the front pages the news about Narendra Modi's speech at the BJP National meet yesterday. Modi reveals mission for Brand India' headlines The Pioneer, focussing on BJP's Prime Ministerial aspirant Narendra Modi's new rainbow of development including five T's, that are- Talent, Tradition, Trade, Tourism and Technology. He also promised a Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao programme, if elected.
The Hindu reports of cross Line o Control trade in J&K being suspended after police booked a driver from Pakistan Occupied Kashmir carrying narcotic substance, brown sugar - worth 114 crore rupees. In retaliation Pakistan did not permit a caravan of 27 Kashmiris trucks to return to valley.
Yesterday, the 19th of January was commemorated by Kashmiri pandits as "Kashmiri Pandit Exodus Day". It marked the 24th anniversary of their forced exile from the valley says a report in The Hindu.

About 1700 families of riot-hit parts of UP have filed a petition in Supreme Court seeking verification of their status by a court - appointed independent commission - reports The Times of India.
In a very positive story,  The Tribune reports of 14 villages in Punjab who resolved to join hands against pesticides. The women in particular identified 204 insects, divided them into vegetarian and non-vegetarian category and proved that their 2500 acres of land grew 10% more produce without pesticides. The entire movement was initiated by Nidani Agriculture Development officer - Surender Dalal, who passed away in 2013.
The Indian Express has an amazing story of major Dharmadutt Goel, who despite an artificial carbon fibre leg and despite having lost his mother two days ago, completed a half marathon of about 21 kms in Mumbai. He had lost his leg in operation Parakaram in Gurez sector.
many customers who ensure their high end smart phones often find that handset is covered fot theft under IPC, but not if they lose it in a public place, reports The Times of India. So be smart when you ensure your smartphone.

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