Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Modern day manxiety | Deccan Chronicle

Modern day manxiety | Deccan Chronicle: "Gym at 6 am, shower, make-up and dress by 7, calorie calculated breakfast by 8. Before heading out, a final look in the mirror. Lustrous hair: check, glossy skin: check, manicured nails and plucked eyebrows: check! That’s the routine off the pages of 23-year-old Nayan Bora’s life. “My girlfriend found my stubble pokey, so I went for a clean-shaven look and she loved it. I was a tad overweight so I join her gym to shed the extra pounds. Well, if all that makes me any less a man, then so be it,” says Nayan. Well, love has always come at a price! Gone are the days when a bouquet of flowers and a surprise dinner would sweep your girl off her feet."

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