Thursday, August 21, 2014

Pakistan on the brink, again


    The turmoil in Pakistan, ISIS beheading a US journalist, PM criticizing DRDO for delays, protests in Assam, passing away of Yog a Guru BKS Iyenger and GST delays and transfer of whistle blower CVO of AIIMS Sanjiv Chaturvedi are some of the most covered stories in papers today.
    "Centre urges Assam - Nagaland talks" - As two  die in firing, Rajiju heads for Guwahati, to meet Gogoi, Zelian is the Hindu headline.
    After Hooda, Congress CM's wary of sharing dais with Modi is a Times of India headline saying that Congress is shaken by the booing of the Haryana Chief Minister BS Hooda recently.
    The Financial Express reports that states agree on Goods and Services Tax GST threshold but fail to get much further.
    "Pakistan on the brink, again" headlines  the Hindustan Times. Thousands of protesters have thronged outside Parliament calling for Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif's resignation says the report.
    "Government forces AIIMS whistle blower officer out" is a front page story in the Hindustan Times. Senior bureaucrat Sanjiv Chaturvedi who unearthed many scams in the prestigious All India Institute of Medical Science AIIMS has been unceremoniously removed as Chief Vigilance officer. The Business Standard  also lists how his efforts led to investigation into the private chemist shop's irregularities, buying of costly computers, illegal recruitment, unnecessary foreign jaunts, fake certificates.
    Another AIIMS news but environment related - the Hindu reports that the expansion of AIIMS trauma centre in Delhi will result in filling of 650 mature trees - mostly of Vilayati Kikar and Kabili Kikar.
    The death of the internationally renowned Yoga guru BKS Iyenger, author of 14 books and a following in 70 countries has been noticed by all news papers. His Yoga book "Light on Life" has been translated in 19 languages and sold more than 3 million copies.

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