Thursday, July 4, 2013

Rupee slides again, now at 60.22 to a dollar


The CBI chargesheet in the Ishrat Jahan case is the lead in most papers. 'Abducted, drugged, shot' is the Hindustan Times headline. 'Chargesheet doesn't name Modi or Amit Shah', writes the Times of India.

The Cabinet nod for the Food Bill Ordinance finds front page coverage. 'Will cover 67 per cent population' says the Tribune. 'Is the Congress preparing for 2014 ?' asks the Pioneer.

The Statesman, the Hindu and the Asian Age Show millions of people gathered at Egypt's Tahrir Square. 'Egypt's Army Chief removes Mursi' , reads the Hindu headline.

'Rupee slides again, now at 60.22 to a dollar', informs the Asian Age.

The Supreme Court asking the motor accident claims tribunals and High Courts to be liberal and award just compensation to claimants is covered by the Hindu.

There's hope for HIV patients 'Stem cell therapy wipes out HIV in 2 patients', writes The Times of India. Not just this, the paper elaborates that stem cells can now be used as a painless way to treat cavities and even regrow teeth.

The Hindu reports of an innovative way of generating electricity. Titled 'poultry farmer turns litter to light', the paper says that in the poultry hub of Namakkal in Tamil Nadu, bird droppings are now being used for power generation.

Do Indians love gods and goddesses? Seems like that. The Indian Express which conducted a survey on names of villages in India, writes that 3,626 villages are named after Ram and 3,309 after Krishna!

And finally, when did you last see a sparrow, which was so common a few years ago? In a box item titled 'flying away', The Hindustan Times writes that in Delhi, the sparrow is nobody's bird and that the state government is doing little for its conservation.

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