Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Plate half full, Indian athlete loses out to rising prices

Huge rush for Aadhaar enrolment at Hayatnagar, Andhra Pradesh

In a front page story today's Hindustan Times says that the rising food prices have forced the athletes training at the National Institute of Sports in Patila to cut down their diet and it is bound to affect their performance. "Plate half full, Indian athlete loses out to rising prices", reads the headline of the story.

The Times of India reports that the Supreme Court has agreed to examine the scope for tougher penalties for heinous crimes by juveniles. The Government promised to examine the definition of a juvenile, and the deemed cut-off age in the event of heinous crimes, says the paper.

The most technologically advanced cancer detection test may soon be within the reach of the common man, writes The Times of India and goes on to say that the Central Food and Drugs Administration is working towards making the cervical cancer test available for just a hundred rupees which now costs almost 900 rupees.

Most newspapers this morning reported about the resignation of Solicitor General of India, Rohinton Nariman. According to The Hindu, Mr. Nariman is reported to have resigned due to a difference of opinion between him and the Union Law Minister.

To keep diet related diseases at bay, ensure that you have only half a teaspoon or six grams of salt daily. This new guideline has been suggested by the World Health Organisation specially in the context of Indians who on an average consume nine grams of salt a day and that causes 14 per cent of the global burden of uncontrolled hypertension. The Pioneer has reported this story.

And finally, crossing main roads in the national capital will soon become less daunting for the differently abled, writes Hindustan Times. The Delhi Government has asked agencies to install audio signals at all traffic intersections across the Capital. In addition, the Social Welfare Department has also asked for the construction of slopes on pavements for wheelchair users.

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