Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Government, BJP stick to their guns; session set for washout


Coal Block allocations have taken center stage in almost all newspapers. The last week of the monsoon session of Parliament looked set for a washout as the major political parties continued on collision course with both sides refusing to bend from their respective positions. The Tribune headlines it as "Government, BJP stick to their guns; session set for washout''.
Two Americans working with their consulate in Peshawar were among the 19 injured in a suicide blast targeting the Diplomats mission's vehicle reports the Hindu under the headline '' Pak bomber targets US Diplomats''.
Organ donation rules set to get tougher writes the Times of India . It elaborates that under the draft of the Transplantations of Human Organ Rules 2012, amongst other things, the donor may have to prove that the recipient and donor have been staying together and sharing the same kitchen for 10 years or more. The paper also writes that over-the-counter sale of around 92 antibiotic and anti-tuberculosis drugs in India will be restricted soon. Once notified these drugs can not be sold without Doctor's preion.
The Hindu reports a day after 2 batches of Sri Lankan students who were here on invitation to play football matches left India, a batch of 200 Sri Lankan pilgrims are now under pressure to leave Tamil Nadu. In the meantime the Sri Lankan government has issued a warning to its nationals not to travel to Tamil Nadu.
In Sports News, besides India winning the Test Series against the New Zealand 2-0, the newspapers have also taken a closer look at Sachin Tendulkar begin bowled out thrice in a row, pundits peek faults in the little big fells technique. Mail today adds a rare sight which is fast becoming a common one - stumps all over the place and Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar walking back amid the ruins. the headline asks is it '' End of the road for Sachin.
Behind every man's wardrobe there's a Woman. According to a new survey, more than half of men who were interviewed confessed that they depend on the women in their life to shop for their wardrobe and pick out what they were to wear the next day report the Times of India.

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