Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Popcorn is healthier than fruits


Army chief drops bribe bomb government orders cbi probe " writes the Hindustan Times. Most leading news paper have carried this story. The Hindu adds that the army chief General V.k. singh has claimed that he was offered a bribe of 14 Crore rupees for purchasing 600 sub standard trucks. Both houses of Parliament were rocked by the sensational charge.
Tough cop busts Mining Mafia Writes Mail today on its front page. According to the paper Bharatpur New IPS officer. Vikas Kumar hatched the daring dawn police swoop on Nagal Village in Bharatpur, 185 km from Delhi to unearth large scale illegal gravel stone mining activity.
The Government has increased interest rates on a range of popular post office saving schemes, Writes the Economic Times and Hindustan Times. In a related story,small saving schemes will fetch a higher return from the next fiscal by up to 0.5%.
Two days before the visit of the Chinese President to Delhi, a 27 year old Tibetan activist attempted self immolation during a protest at Jantar Mantar writes the Pioneer. Most papers have photographs of the activist on fire. He managed to run 50 metres past horrified onlookers before collapsing in a ball of fire with 90% burns.
The Tribune and Times of India report that Popcorn is healthier than fruits. A university of Pennsylvania study has found that the hull of popcorn has the highest concentration of the anti-oxidant polyphenol and fibre. Popcorn may be the perfect snack food as it is 100% unprocessed food grain if it is not dipped in butter and salt reports the finding.

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